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Blissful Day By K offers a range of services to help you create a personalized and meaningful ceremony for your special day.

Blissful Day By K curates a custom ceremony: Blissful Officiants work with you to design a ceremony that reflects your unique preferences, incorporating elements such as vows, readings, rituals, and personal anecdotes.

Available for:  

  • Weddings

  • Elopements

  • Vow Renewals

  • Micro-Weddings

  • Meet & Greet License Signings 

Image by Jeremy Wong Weddings

Sadie & Jon

The amount of time and effort taken to get to know us as a couple and individuals was immeasurable. The professionalism and customization during our vow ceremony was everything we could have asked for and more! Truly a memorable one for us forever. 

Johnny & Michael

"Kat was truly amazing~ We had everything planned outdoors. Hurricane Henri decided to join. Change of plans, numerous phone calls later/ texts back and forth. Kat was there 100%. Always comforting and always reassuring. The weather outside was dreary, but inside it was amazing. She brought the ceremony to a wonderful, personal and truly special moment. We couldn't have asked for a more truly wonderful ceremony.  We will always recommend as a true and rare find." 

Carol & Jason

"Kat was amazing from the very start.  She created a very special 20 year vow renewal. It was a beautiful evening and Kat made it special and fun! Looking forward to our 40 year renewal with Blissful Day By K's help"
  • Conducting the ceremony: The officiant performs the wedding ceremony, guiding you and your partner through the process, from the processional to the exchange of vows and rings, and the pronouncement of marriage.

  • Rehearsal coordination: Officiants often assist with coordinating and leading the wedding rehearsal, ensuring that everyone knows their roles and the ceremony runs smoothly.

  • Personalization and customization: Officiants work closely with couples to incorporate their personal beliefs, cultural traditions, and values into the ceremony, making it unique and meaningful to them.

  • Pre-wedding consultations: Officiants typically offer pre-wedding consultations to get to know the couple, understand their story, and discuss their vision for the ceremony. This allows the officiant to tailor the ceremony to the couple’s preferences.

  • Legal paperwork: your officiant will file the necessary documents for an official marriage certificate in your state.

Meet Kat

About your officiant

Image by peter bucks

Meet Kat, a delightful blend of fun-loving spirit and professional prowess. With her vibrant personality and unwavering dedication, Kat brings a unique touch to every endeavor. She is  professional, reliable, and can serve as a great resource for your special day! 

As an experienced professional, Kat effortlessly navigates the academic world, armed with her impressive skill set and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Her attention to detail and strategic thinking make her an asset in any professional setting, where she consistently delivers top-notch results.

But Kat's spirit truly shines when she's off the clock. With an adventurous soul and a zest for life, she embraces every opportunity to explore the world around her. When not performing weddings, you can find her traveling locally or abroad with her daughter and husband or simply enjoying time at home with family, friends and her chocolate Labrador Fern and Beagle/ Lab mix rescue, Barkley.

Her magnanimous and infectious enthusiasm is not only limited to her personal life. Kat brings that same energy to her professional interactions, to YOUR wedding, effortlessly fostering a positive and uplifting atmosphere. Colleagues and clients alike are drawn to her magnetic personality, finding comfort in her presence.

Kat is the embodiment of a fun, free-spirited professional. With her infectious energy, unwavering dedication, and ability to infuse every situation with a touch of excitement, she brings a refreshing perspective to both work and life. She will add a touch of bliss to your day!

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